Welcome to KYD a privacy data service committed to the protection of you, our customer. KYD grants You control of Metadata that you create. KEEP YOUR DATA (KYD) means you control your data using the KYD application and service platform. KYD is also designed to teach you your ownership of the metadata you created while using KYD services. Your Privacy is the key, your control is the key; KYD is built based on security standards, and privacy policy with the concept of the user being the original author owner of the metadata. KYD is the first in a line of privacy products and services from the PEXARG platform. Focusing on user privacy, user governance, and digital data on technology platforms.

At PEXARG any metadata that you create including your thoughts and ideas that are ingested onto a digital platform. You should have control of that metadata. KYD gives you the opportunity to do just that. CONTROL THE DATA YOU CREATE. KYD is not designed to keep or store your metadata-data in any format unless you consent to storage and additional fees and services.

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Need for KYD tools

You created the metadata; you keep control of the metadata. You now have a choice with who you share your metadata with using KYD.

Metadata "the digital gold"

You are “the digital gold”. Your Metadata is “the digital gold”. Control your gold using KYD. KYD has two plan options (Free and Premium)

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