KYD Product Policy   

Welcome to the KYD Product Policy. We look forward to serving your privacy needs with our privacy product(s). This product policy is the policy of PEXARG (product owner) a USA company. It is enforceable by state and federal laws of the USA. It is also flexible to other privacy laws outside of the USA or international privacy laws. It was developed to teach privacy behavior patterns to the user or company environments that use the KYD product and services and to control the behavior of the user or company environments using KYD product platform. It is also part of the terms of services for PEXARG and all its services not related to just the KYD platform.

KEEP YOUR DATA (KYD) is a privacy application designed to give the user control over what data websites can keep or not keep. KYD is designed to delete the user metadata at the user request or share the user metadata with the website of their choice.

The Policy Rules:
All users (Personal, private, business) are required to follow this policy while using KYD product.

  1. All users shall be respectful of other users and their right under privacy laws using this product and services.
  2. Any user(s) that modify or interfere with the design of this product is in violation of the laws that govern this product and its services. (Open to account termination and legal prosecution)
  3. Any false financial verification is subject to legal prosecution and account termination.
  4. All accounts require identification to manage and use services for accounts. False Identification equals termination of account and account services.
  5. Any account that is inactive after 30 days from the creation date, shall be archived and will require new verification to re-activate account.
  6. Any copyright attempt of product is open to account termination and legal prosecution.
  7. There are two KYD accounts (Free and Premium (subscription acct) monitored by the product owner.
  8. Any type of usage abuse is subject to legal prosecution and account termination. This includes setting up multiple accounts without authorization or verification.
  9. All account(s) are monitored by product owner including providing account status reporting alerts and other services to the user of subscription accounts only. Users’ data is stored in an encrypted environment and secured network NOT TO BE SHARED with any third parties without consent of the users/owner.
  10. All accounts created by the concerned user shall work with the KYD support services which include helpdesk support. Outside resources are not included.
  11. IP Address of the user is checked for login security and providing two factor authentication in case of doubt.
  12. All accounts can be reviewed and audited by product management and legal department.